Friday, January 29, 2010

Wall Planters Anyone Know Where To Find Indoor Plant Hangers That Are Hung On The Wall?

Anyone know where to find indoor plant hangers that are hung on the wall? - wall planters

I have some ivy, while I was on the walls, so that they hang up but I do not really know the producers that screw into the wall. I can see the things from the ceiling, or external things are hanging from the balconies. Has anyone something like that or a good memory to buy? I did a Google search, but that does not help.


Green Grove said...

Wal-Mart. . . Buy only the brackets and pans with the titles:) We have in our home and love the look:) GL!

Tin S said...

Wallymart, Lowes, Target. To store every garden.

coolchic... said...


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