Saturday, January 2, 2010

Camping Stores In Michigan Ruger GP100 - 4" Or 6" Barrel?

Ruger GP100 - 4" or 6" barrel? - camping stores in michigan

With a view to purchasing a new 357 6 Shot Revolver Double Action Mag, and settled on a Ruger GP100 stainless steel. In my local gun shop to check the status of 4 "and 6" model $ 499 each. I am undecided on the race track, which I would receive.

From now on, the only weapon that I will for a long time and I'll share my permission, here as I have time, to obtain. In my area (Michigan) is legal to carry openly, but a CPL is necessary if a car is made, overtly or covertly. I do not want to carry a weapon in the summer because of his size, but I think a day with a weapon to carry in the winter.

The weapon is also used for packing for long walks in the woods, and hiking / camping. Since the rules of Michigan deer hunting in my part of the state is only a muzzle loader, shotgun or firearm may only be used for deer. Thus, the cannon could be used for hunting deer (antler-less, I'm not a great hunter -> The most important goal for me to eat) onto the table.

I ateUME for all applications mentioned above, only for the day in winter would be the 6 "is a better option. For everyday, I could understand how the 4" would be better. The difference in weight between the two barrel lengths of about 5 g and 4 "is a bit smaller than I guess it's easier to sit behind the wheel of a car.

What are your thoughts on this subject, that the barrel length should I go?

BTW, I'm 5'9 "and weight around 155th I do not know if this would affect the decision on the barrel length relative to everyday wear in winter.


pagamene... said...

I take the easy yoru decision. Just get both.

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