Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Road Buggy Blueprints How To Tune Your Carburetor And Servo On A Nitro Off-road Buggy

How to tune your carburetor and servo on a nitro off-road buggy - road buggy blueprints

Any 1 know how the carburetor 2 and an adjusted servo Nitro Off-Road Buggy plz, if you tell me a lot. If u want 2 know is what kind of car that it is one of the EPS.


Chris said...

I think your question is how to adjust the settings for your carb needle. First set of needles to high gas velocity and see what gives you the best race, is without screaming the engine too thin. When the engine begins to smoke (which is not good and should not happen), then you're too poor. Not thinner than the engine is damaged. I always fall rich my engine light to increase the changing conditions of life of the engine and to compensate for an engine too lean. In a hole in the engine-cleaning machine in the optimal parameters. Then the engine will go faster, the engine sounds as if for a second then quickly increase the RPM stops. To adjust the low speed needle can read my answer http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index? ... For more information, please visit this site very informative - http://www.rchobbies.org/cars_eng-tuning ...

To adjust the servo, you can fine-tune the parameters of the controller. If necessary, adjust the final adjustment of the controller can then I guessUR servo horn and make them new. Inactivity to run, I like my engine at low idle, but I do not think it's important not to simply wait to be highly activated, the clutch, unless, of course, is what you want.

Steven L said...

the main fuel valve needs to have with him if the carb fuel line goes on. You need to do is to screw down and then back to 2.5 turns coming to the early and plant and say that it goes well.

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