Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chalet Pop Up Camper I Have A Chalet Pop Up Camper And Have No Idea How To Drain The Water That Is Left Over In The Water Tank.?

I have a Chalet pop up camper and have no idea how to drain the water that is left over in the water tank.? - chalet pop up camper

No problems, the gray water is empty, but where is the version in the water tank is fully used empty? Dealing with the villa is ridiculous, so we try to me and the winter.


pedecame... said...

We have one of those ... We love the trailer, but until now never been a place where I need the tank had been. I have a long time ago ... Display space.
Our family has changed since then, and we are actually sold the trailer now.
but I think if we have to thank.

USA! said...

It must have an outlet somewhere spighot! Please drain the water tank is empty and gray.

Dan the brick man said...

has a valve on the trailer in the tank ...

Docar said... ...

Joe Blough said...

Do you own a gun?

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