Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sealing Tile Does Anyone Know What To Use To Clean Granite Tile Before Sealing?

Does anyone know what to use to clean granite tile before sealing? - sealing tile

All cleaning products, I believe, for example, with only granite sealed. They tried to clean the granite tiles before sealing. We have over 1350 square meters of granite tiles in the garage seal, and everyone knows you recommend a reliable seal for a garage, we have car mats car as a precautionary measure? Thank you --


keithezy said...

Ive got the answer, because I had the same problem. Go to the paint store and buy some of xylene or xylene. put a couple layers of white paper towels on the problem area and saturate it with xylene. Then cover with foil and tape the edges so not to evaporate it. wait 24 hours to explore. Area will be worse (but do not worry) waiting for about 8 hours to evaporate completely. repeat if the stain is completely gone. I have tried everything and it worked.

Chris C said...

If granite is not sealed, which is used to clean contaminants depend on it. Greasy dirt, you need a degreaser and an absorbent such as corn starch or cat litter. Organic contaminants can bleached. May metallic patches fulfill CLR cleaner. Sometimes you can not do anything but fill with a mild abrasive to the top layer.

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