Monday, January 4, 2010

Dormant Oil Spray CHERRY TREE - Where Are The Cherrys?

CHERRY TREE - Where are the cherrys? - dormant oil spray

My cherry tree is loaded in the last year. In this year alone. The tree looks healthy and seems more leaves this year. I hope that awaits good and Sulpher oil and applied to the water on Mars. "Can anyone tell me what happened?


Polly Ester said...

Bad weather? The lack of pollination? Catterpillar birds eat them? Or maybe you have the wrong fertilizer or manure at the wrong time, which can use them to cause leaves to produce fruit ...

E.A. Boyd said...

Many possibilities.
First, many cherry trees, a two-year cycle of fruits such as apples do. Heavy Light year and next.
Then I could have the problem of pollination. There are far fewer bees this year. Syndrome (loss of animals)
It could even have been unusual weather and spring flowers blooming at the wrong time, hot, cold or something.

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