Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pics Old Wrecked Planes How Much Do You Think This 2000 Mustang Is Worth?

How much do you think this 2000 Mustang is worth? - pics old wrecked planes

Here are the details and photos.

"I have a 2000 Ford Mustang. Blue, V6 and automatic transmission.
that the damage on the front bumper for all holes and hills light. The front bumper was broken when I saw the wrecked car, which had then just hang warbler. Nothing I couldnt fix $ 80
has 112xxx miles, very cheap on gas, runs and drives great. It was never destroyed, a clear title and I've never had a problem at all except that the recent loss of exhaust you have, but the small ones. All you need is a meeting that reviewed progress made at 10.00, I just havent had time to fix it. Sunroof custom body kit, Pioneer CD player, light and break underglow gas peddals neon blue, tinted windows, blue and black seat covers, blue and gray interior, 17 "inch chrome rims with tires ultra Spyder happy new year and the factory wheels with tires. new Halo Projector headlights or three weeks have kept the blue LED around them. This car is well cared for, whether it was for me, too! LawI now have two audiobahn 12 "on it with a legacy 1600 watts, which has blue LED lights, but I have my decision if I will go there with him or not, even (depending on the amount of I for sale.) I have an aftermarket spoiler (which is in the picture) and the factory spoiler. A second market on the grid and the plant now thats the grill. taillights clear tail lights and the home. The car is clean inside and out. "

Here are the pictures that were on the list.

How do you think is a fair price for it.

They call for $ 5200 obo.


Trav said...

I think it's a bit too high. I have a 2003 Mustang V6 with 102.000 miles and I recently checked the Kelly Blue Book and is about $ 5000. You have more miles with less damage. I would say $ 3500 is a good price for it.

Kaye P said...

I wouldnt buy this piece of shit, the owner does not care for him. Get a V8 engine with 5-speed gearbox. Ricer does not necessarily mean that it comes from Japan ...

Supermom... said...

It seems a little high to pay to just over $ 4000
I want another car. Or launch a bid of $ 2500.

curly.IS... said...

It's a lousy car. TOPS 2000

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