Monday, January 18, 2010

Biopsy Of Gallbladder Polyp Why Do I Have Fatty Live Disease And Is This A Necessary Procedure?

Why do I have fatty live disease and is this a necessary procedure? - biopsy of gallbladder polyp

I arrived at the hospital last week with uncontrollable vomiting, I found that my gallbladder was inflamed and I have a fatty liver. I'm thin and do not eat much fatty food, why should I foie gras?
They also said my liver enzymes are high and the lack of evidence of hepatitis, autoimmune diseases, and they want to do a liver biopsy.
Are they trying to get money for me unnecessary procedures?


Baa Baa said...

Yes, know all these tests done regularly to see what in your liver. The liver biopsy is the ultimate test that will show more. Hepatitis and signs of autoimmune disease is nothing but blood. Want to know what happened, so you can correct them before permanent damage is in the liver. This is very important when it comes to suffering from liver disease.

I had done 3 liver biopsies, and another next month maturity. Mine were painful and very little time. Once I was hoping to do and was told they were made. Other times, everything that I felt some pressure and discomfort. So do not be afraid to get because it's over before you know it.

AnimalFi... said...

Well, a fatty liver is the first step on the road to the cirrhosis - is fatal to 100% of the cases - and I think we should take very seriously.

There are certain things that can cause serious liver problems. Of course, alcohol is used most often. Tylenol mixed with alcohol liver burn like no tomorrow. Many medications can cause liver damage.

Hepatitis is the 2nd ) most common cause of fatty liver (by alcohol, and again to go ahead and obtain a screening for them.

The good news is that the fatty liver is reversible. Unlike other organs, the liver can push the new liver health, provided that the condition of long duration or continuation of progress. Once the line has exceeded in cases of liver cirrhosis, however, scar tissue forms in the liver to heal before.

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