Saturday, January 16, 2010

English Breakfast Tea What Is The 'correct' Way To Brew English Breakfast Tea?

What is the 'correct' way to brew English Breakfast tea? - english breakfast tea

In the pot:

When loose tea strainer and use 1 teaspoon of loose tea per cup.

"Pot" kettle filled with hot water. Saucepan, heat the hot water.

Use a kettle to boil water for even a single cup. Microwave can not reach water, a high temperature, without implying a risk to the drinker of tea. As a tea, empty kettle with hot water. Located in the strainer. Slowly water over tea leaves in the strainer. Let stand for 2 minutes, with lid.
(Do the same with the bags), remove the leaves, unless you like it stronger.

Use porcelain cups. If you like milk (not cream) for preferred quantity of milk in the first cup. Then add the hot tea, milk warm. Add milk until the end of the tea cools the tea.

Add sugar if you want. Best form of a cube.


Cheffy said...

Preheat the pot of boiling water in it. This increases the temperature of the pot. Discard water and add tea in the pot. This water has served its purpose: now cook with fresh water. Boiling water over tea. This saturates the tea for the perfect flavor extraction. Under hot water on the table, then you pour the tea will lower the temperature of the water too much into the tea and the poor outcome. Strong black tea for five minutes, three for green tea. Good tea needs at least as much time to develop their full flavor. Decanted to the tea.

Zoe said...

It is a very simple principle for the preparation of tea and get this - according to the taste of tea, should the water to boil () has not been cooked when it reaches the tea leaves. If only hot tea and then insipidus. That is why we English have these odd rituals, such as heating not cooking the first glass of water (because it cools too quickly, and it is true) the pot.

We had tea in many ways, most of them are done a quick way to a tea bag in filtering hot water for a few minutes and drink. He says that Americans are anxious to see how tea and English tea ceremony, because it is the best way to get a good cup of tea. He said not to know that neither the Americans and British, as you make a good tea. The following suggestions:

1. First boil water in a saucepan, bring water to a boil.

2. Pour the boiled water kept in a pot of tea, just to the cup, remove and discard the can.

3. Bring the pot and return to boil.

4. Place CountGray tea bags (or sheets of loose tea) Pour into the pot and pour boiling water on top of the teapot.

5. Allow the tea to brew for two or three minutes, and drink tea.

You can milk, honey, lemon, etc. to add more to his liking, but if they drink tea in this way, you rightly say in the English type of tea. You can also use the cardamom pods to the tea, add considerable flavor tea.

A similar treatment, I have a pot Bodum Assam tea, has something similar, with hot water over the tea leaves on the ground and let rest for 3 minutes.

thingama... said...

I drink English breakfast tea every day .. I keep the teabag in the pot or a cup, a moment let () depending on the desired thickness. The sugar n milk, if necessary.

I still remember a bit of a debate on TV once, on the basis, you should milk in the first place ... I say NO!

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