Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vitamin D Deficiency Hair Loss Please Look, List Of Symptoms.....numbness, Vitamin D Deficency, Abdominal Pain?

Please look, list of symptoms.....numbness, vitamin D deficency, abdominal pain? - vitamin d deficiency hair loss

Hello, 24yr male in the head goes numb when I'm excited (crazy) in-depth conversation, physical activity or just random times Ive had to do this at least 3 months is sometimes my head and face, sometimes just at the hairline, and sometimes just the right half of my face ... Sometimes sleep well, other members.

What is the cause of vitamin D deficiency and the presence of these symptoms
I had these symptoms for a longer period has also discovered a parasite Blastocystis hominis was about 5 years before they are treated for the symptoms never really went away and could not really considered until now, says gastroenterologist that this is probably not the problem, because many people have no symptoms, is this one more information about this .. .
I also have a similar abnormal T wave (downward instead of up hill) on the ECG, but I showed my oxygen in the blood, I have a gram or echocardiogram, it take about 3 weeks and still on the findings from research if it's OK because she contacted me now
Dolores 1.Head
2.numbNess / Pine Needles
3.chest pain
4.abdominal (Pain jumps .. left flank and right side, just below the ribs on the left and right)
5.feeling lethargic
Weight 7.loss / appiate
8.bad immune system (if I get sick I'll stay sick longer than others, and ill at ease)
Pulse 9.increased
10. Symptoms of hair loss (most recent)
Among the most common symptoms
ATM only occasionally
Stiffness, curved, if too long or too much time on their knees
Oh and I almost forgot to add brain fog lol

I have also recently at 1000 units of vitamin D + mens vitamins symptoms began one days = 400 units have not changed much yet


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Numbness / pine needles

lively conversation, crazy, intense,
His decisive.


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