Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Are The Reasons For Black Stool What Is The Reason For Having Black Stools After Alcohol?

What is the reason for having black stools after alcohol? - what are the reasons for black stool

I know all about internal bleeding and, therefore, is black and tarry stools, but why is my stool black only after drinking the night before? My stools are sometimes appears normal


Neeti said...

You know the answer, and you just want to know it.As confirm Alcohol is an irritant of the stomach and the stomach is very sensitive.You have developed over ulcers.A stomach twice daily for 6 weeks a good anti-gastric can cure intestinal bleeding than Pantaprazole-20 or 40 mg.and alcohol during this time it.If you can not stop drinking and can not follow a course of 6 weeks, take one capsule with the first sip, or, preferably constitute about 30-45 minutes before the Consumer alcohol.At stool color is black, to resolve the bleeding of the stomach after drinking alcohol.

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