Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Poems Syndrome Headache What Is The Name Of The Disorder/syndrome/etc In Which The Subject Has A Misplaced Attatchment To A Therapist?

What is the name of the disorder/syndrome/etc in which the subject has a misplaced attatchment to a therapist? - poems syndrome headache

I use the term in a poem that I said about a person with different psychological problems and write an unhealthy relationship with her therapist, (gently). Help is welcome! :)


JYHoff said...

I believe it is transmitted.

Then the patients are in love with his therapist.

freaky cool dude said...

the resemblance to the paranoid, or could only shcizoperhenic fixed something on the priest, as you might, as they face u know? I mean, I think, Shaud how u like to tell your therapist everything so that nothing can happen Anywayz but eventually see a doctor b

Skye said...

Very good information, you can pick and choose words that your poem will be liquid.

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