Sunday, December 6, 2009

Caribbean Theme Prom Which Movie Has A Better Theme Song: The Harry Potter Series Or The Pirates Of The Caribbean Series?

Which movie has a better theme song: the Harry Potter series or the Pirates of the Caribbean series? - caribbean theme prom

It was difficult for me to choose, but I personally like the theme of Harry Potter. But I like both: the title track of Harry Potter is very unique and catchy, Pirates of the Caribbean theme song is very brave and strong.
And you?


Ellie W said...

Both theme songs are very good, because once you think you know where they are.
the title track of Harry Potter has many variants with different instruments and different modalities, which is really good, but you're right, you can not help you navigate the oceans, when you hear the pirate theme!
I think I prefer Harry Potter, the diversity there.

♥Em♥ said...

But both love Harry Potter!

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