Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Premature Menopause More Condition_sym Ptoms Has Anyone Gone Through Premature Menopause Or Early Menopause?

Has anyone gone through premature menopause or early menopause? - premature menopause more condition_sym ptoms

My question is, has anyone gone through natural menopause before 40 years premature. Or early menopause, early 40s? I am very scared because I'm 39 and from the age of 33 years, I'm in and out bursts of heat, light periods, and then sometimes difficult. If you do not go through the age, much? I am very worried because I read it produces less collagen in the skin and hair loss. Especially when you go through the menopause or premature ejaculation. If someone went through the menopause in this way he feels he has plenty in old age? What to do when you reach menopause, healthy. Take something, or simply do nothing?


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