Monday, December 7, 2009

Graves Disease And Candida Does Anyone Know Of Any Alternative Methods For Graves Disease? Has This Worked For Anyone?

Does anyone know of any alternative methods for Graves disease? Has this worked for anyone? - graves disease and candida

I have Graves disease, my doctor is very rude and not to answer questions for me. I started this diet, and I think they help, but I'm still learning to control how to hyperthyroidism.


Windy said...

Unfortunately, you have Graves disease ', it ... Hashimoto's disease, autoimmune opposite.

Before you attempt a repair, but I think he should read a bit about it is first download these sites: ...

Good luck!

Zaye said...

Read the China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD. It refers to the disease, Graves', to treat the section of autoimmune diseases.

Tabatha said... / graves_disease.htm / faq.htm

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