Monday, December 28, 2009

Difficulty Squatting I'm Having Difficulty Losing Weight?

I'm having difficulty losing weight? - difficulty squatting

I am in a unique kind of situation. I'm 5'6 "and weigh 142ish lbs. I do not look fat, I'm medium height, I have a bust bigger than most. I lose weight around my belly, thighs, buttocks, and maybe even my chest, you do not too difficult. My problem is that I am injured. When I was in the Army than 130 pounds and almost 20 pounds in the BCT. I could not lose weight because now I have some health problems: knee tendinitis when I can not run or jump, or squat, muscular scoliosis in the back, so I can not sit-ups, and a separated shoulder recovery so I can really make light weight training.
I eat good food for the most part, and eating small meals several times a day, not 3 meals. Refrain from eating at all. I do not feel like bulimia and anorexia, I think it is a disease.
Basically, my quesiton: How can I lose weight, if I can not do cardio, I can do very little weight lifting (which I do in the morning for PT), and really do notI changed my diet helps a lot? I've heard of weight loss pills different, but all that needs to be taken during the year. I am at a loss here, and I just want my old body back! Thanks for the suggestions. :)


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