Sunday, December 27, 2009

Toy Car Track A 200g Toy Car Is Placed On A Narrow 60-cm-diameter Track With Wheel Grooves That Keep The Car Going In A.....?

A 200g toy car is placed on a narrow 60-cm-diameter track with wheel grooves that keep the car going in a.....? - toy car track

200g A toy car is a small wheel diameter of 60 cm provided with slots question that keeping the car in circles. The 1.0 kilograms. Theme is free to rotate around a vertical axis without friction. The rays are massless. After starting the car, he soon reached a constant speed of 75 m / s compared to the runway. What then is the angular velocity of the track, min to V /?

I know this is a problem of the relative velocity. The problem is that I do not know how to get the speed of the track in relation to the earth to transform the data speed of a vehicle from the ground ... The reason I do not understand, because I think that the problem would be solved. If I knew the speed of the tracks from the ground, you can use the radio, and what I know about the car in order to solve the answer.

Any help would be very grateful. Thank you.


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