Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Baby Message Examples I Read My Friends Message History, She Said Some Really Mean Things About Me, What Should I Do?

I read my friends message history, she said some really mean things about me, what should i do? - new baby message examples

Well, I was with my friends at night and she was asleep, so I asked if I could see the mine and its history of messages, so I can laugh and so will have. So I did and boyfriends internet could be seen so I thought I would go there and see what they were talking to yesterday maintained that my friends tease me about. But then I ended up there a lot more, and I mean really some things about me. When her boyfriend on the Internet. Some examples of what he said: He said: "Today we DONT have to speak for every night." And my friend said, "Oh no, she wants to sleep with me, damn it, what to say," and then "I just got an apology, that our baby at night, and he said shes so ***** yes, If I come out of habit, I find it. She also said she does not worry everything that happens in your head, the hair and makeup.
I know that it was wrong, but I do not know what to do, what to do against him? I do not think I have more confidence ... In any case, thank you guys for help!


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