Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shift & Tilt Lens Homemade Tilt-shift Photography: Is There Room For Creativity With "shift"?

Tilt-shift Photography: Is there room for creativity with "shift"? - shift & tilt lens homemade

I like to experiment with photography with a home tilt-shift lens, and I'm obsessed with the inclination of the part, because the consequences can be dramatic. Perhaps not understand not simply the mechanics of change and the "tendency or I'm stunned by the inclination is not great, but I do not see much room for creativity in the photography of the day. Am I wrong? Can I tilt and turn - both? Can someone tell me, a picture that shows a radical creative use?


gHaggy said...

The changes in the inclination of the plane of focus, but only moves the center of the optical axis in the middle of the film is not so likely that a radical change in the image. Swing is another movement that will change the focus, you can try.

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