Saturday, February 6, 2010

Free Ipod Lolicon Videos How Does The "free Ipod Touch With Macbook Purchase" Work?

How does the "free ipod touch with macbook purchase" work? - free ipod lolicon videos

I have my MacBook today, but did not get the iPod touch. I went to the site and it is buying the iPod and then the repayment of $ 299. I do not understand how it works because I just read the whole world, is the difficulty of their free iPod with the MacBook.


me said...

The offer is open to students of the collage. If you have a MacBook online, a pop-up (if ur in the branch of education) for the iPod touch. When you go shopping, you should immediately purchase and a valid ID card with binding conditions for promoting the need for the iPod and MacBook are bought right on the rebate from the same recipe! HAVE A NICE DAY =)

Beniven said...

I think we need to make sure that you are a student, because the objective is the iPod Touch is free to return to school a bit.

lavefly said...

Basically, if you pay to buy your computer, the full price at first, but then you get a backup discounts of up to $ 299 for the iPod. But if you remember to connect to a computer, you should try this website:

It is easy and completely legitimate. U Simply sign an offer and is completely free. They have free trials. Then we have a partner, the iPod on the boat.

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