Thursday, February 18, 2010

Raylene Richards Bikini I Want To Name Our Baby A Family Name.... Help?

I want to name our baby a family name.... help? - raylene richards bikini

I want our baby to a family member name ...
My father, Richard Anthony, his father, Walter
The child's father is Billy Dean
So I think Anthony Richard Dean or Dean or Richard Walter
Of course, I called Tony or Ricky Short
I love my 3 sisters like crazy! Leah Dawn, Rachel and Kristen Candace Sasha - I'm closer to Leah and Candace
My name is Rose Ann - I would be happy to connect me with all 3 of my sister's behalf, on behalf of our child, but I think there are only three names, too, what would you do?


Scooter Girl said...

Boy - Anthony Walter Dean called Tony, Yannick, Bubba

Women - Sasha Sasha or call Raylene Dawn Dawn

Tre said...


misty n justin said...

How about a girl Candace Rayleah (For Rachel and Leah), or maybe Kristen Rayleah. Kristen Rayleah cover every sister in this way. As a boy, Anthony Dean has a better sound, but Walter does not include everyone. Some people do 2 names second, and it is not so bad. Want the child was named after the people that love is a beautiful tribute to think. Good luck!

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