Sunday, February 7, 2010

Frequent Headaches More Condition_symptoms What Could Be The Cause Of My Frequent Headaches?

What could be the cause of my frequent headaches? - frequent headaches more condition_symptoms

I had a headache very frequently over the years and wondered what could be causing this? I thought it was my hair, but after cutting a little over 6 months, my head did not feel different. It is usually a mild headache (which is more embarrassing than painful), but then suddenly become very painful. Please help!


dailypla... said...

It could be sinuses or possibly caused by stress. Have you read a lot or stay in a very long time? It could be eye strain. You need glasses.

austinsm... said...

If there are more headaches than normal, it could be something that you just can not eat any cause, and can also cause stress. If you believe that migraines often you should see your doctor occur. He has migraine medication that can be prescribed to help. Chocolate and sugar can also lead to more. Hope this helps, good luck.

Moped Mama said...

see the doctor CAT = aneurysm to clot, brain tumor, blood, sinusitis, migraine, food allergies you can find an allergist

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