Saturday, February 20, 2010

1970s Playmates Survey On Former Playboy Playmates From The 1970s-80s Curious If They Kept Their Pubic Hair Intact Today?

Survey on former Playboy playmates from the 1970s-80s curious if they kept their pubic hair intact today? - 1970s playmates

I'm a fan of a woman full bush must be found back in the 1970s in Playboy for 80 years. The disappointment that allows Hefner completely shaved women in the MAG, as her friends 3 I think they should return. Models like Cathy St. George and Cyndi Wood has been with a total area of Bush I dont get it why women think they have anything in the world today nice shave? There was the photo of Vanessa Hudgens hairy Keeley, which has done nothing for me, with or without scarring.


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