Saturday, February 13, 2010

O2 Dongle Hacking Can I Use My O2 Mobile Sim (with Unlimited Web) With An O2 Dongle?

Can i use my O2 mobile sim (with unlimited web) with an O2 dongle? - o2 dongle hacking

It is understood that if top-up £ 15 per month with O2, you get unlimited free texts to your phone. So if you have a dongle I buy my O2 SIM phone with a button to the Internet so that two birds with one stone, all for $ 15?


AnYing said...

2 Problems

1 - Web-AP (Access Point Name) is dfferent (knowledge)
(this connection, the network developed)

2 - look at the fine print, as always, is not as limitless as you think.

If you had to use a dongle, you get charged per MB in the price per MB ... APN phone as it has adopted.

Check the condition Go 9: ...

They say you can not switch to a dongle ..
He also said that excessive use (eg not leaking phones) is also not permitted

but the thought of Nice ......

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